eX +系列

The ultimate in high–performance laser machining, built for simple, cost-effective operation.

Today’s competitive manufacturing environment continues to ask more and more from your shop, from 24/7 production to maintaining peak operating capacity and more. The eX + series is designed to  answer even your most challenging production problems.

建立在一个重型, 单一平台, the eX + series incorporates crucial improvements in movement speed and piercing power over the previous LV + II model—all while still being one of the most cost-effective CO2 市场上的激光机器.


  • Spend less time fixing mistakes and more time shipping products out the door. Whether you’re working with thick-plate stainless steel or high-grade aluminum, Mitsubishi CO2 laser machines can produce best-quality beams that leave your edges smoother, 无毛刺和aberration-free.


  • When allowed to take advantage of industry-leading Mitsubishi consumable components, the eX + series requires very little service to maintain. The on-board, PC-based CNC system allows your teams to make short work of almost any project.


  • 与三菱公司相关的运营成本2 激光机器的CO值比其他任何机器都低2 lasers on the market—even coming close to the low costs associated with fiber laser machines. That’s just one of the many reasons why laser fabrication technology from Mitsubishi—a market leader since 1977—is a great match for any business that values consistency.


  • Reduces processing time by as much as 50% thanks to its high-speed, heavy-duty motion system
  • Improves gas change time by 60% over the previous model (approximately 10 minutes from startup)
  • Advanced “Diamond Path” beam delivery system allows tight beam control for exceptional cutting performance, 高品质的边缘, 以及整个工作区域的处理一致性
  • Aggressively pierces mild steel with built-in Jet Pierce capability
  • 旨在提供更好的编辑 & 图形化功能和更快的校准
  • 允许增加巴黎人网站节约通过船上的ECO模式


  • 一个ultra-rigid, 极稳定的, 单一平台, Dianite-cast machine frame to ensure optimal stability and processing accuracy—even at high speeds
  • A helical rack and pinion setup to reduce noise and increase acceleration in X and Y axis while providing increased accuracy and longer lifetime
  • A heavy-duty, high-speed pallet changer to maximize your throughput capacity
  • 一个新的PHXS头与新的镜头盒设计, allowing for more constant centering and better performance (available in a 10″ focal length option)
  • A standard magnetic head, allowing for quicker recovery after collision
  • 车载电源 & gas consumption monitor to help you manage your resources more effectively
  • A Mitsubishi safety package (includes full side covers and automatic door for processing area)


  • PC-based, 64-bit NC control has touchscreen user interface and full network capability
  • Features the latest Mitsubishi on-board CNC control with faster graphical interface, USB的兼容性, 扩展了编程选项
  • Processing time display improves worker efficiency by estimating processing time


  • 可选择的喷嘴更换
  • remote360°启用 (remote user monitoring, diagnostics, service support, and more)
激光机器模型 3015 eX +
最大 工件 大小:在(毫米) 120.1 x 60.0 (3,050 x 1,525)
快速行驶速度[X, Y]: in/min. (米/分钟.) 3,940(100)单轴,5,550(141)同时
机器尺寸:宽×高×深(mm) 428.6 x 127.8 x 93.7 (10,886 x 3,246 x 2,380)
自动化已经准备好了 是的
可用谐振器: 型号(输出功率) 35cf-r (3500w), 45cf-r (4500w), 60xf (6000w)